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Common Installation Issues about HIP-10

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:09 am
by DDmallforum
1. How can I switch the audio format for each unit?
  • HIP-10 supports HDMI audio and analog audio formats. For transmitter, you can press the “Reset” button for at least 3s to switch the audio format. The green light flashes during the analog audio input and keeps on during HDMI audio input. For receiver, both audio formats can be output simultaneously so you do not require to reset it.
2. The HDMI display doesn’t have image output.
  • Check the LED indicators’ status to make sure all connections are connected properly.
  • Make sure the network cable is firmly connected between TX and RX.
  • Ensure the output resolution and frame rate is recognized/ supported and within the transmission range.
3. The TV display “Waiting for connection...”?
  • Please check if the power supply of Transmitter (TX) and Network Switch (if used) is well connected and the power indicator LED lights on.
  • Make sure the network cable is firmly connected between TX and RX.
4. The TV display “Please check the TX input signal’?
  • Please check if there is an HDMI signal input of sender TX.
  • Make sure the Transmitter (TX) is firmly connected to HDMI devices.
  • Try to connect the signal source directly to display devices to see if there signal output from source device or change the signal source.

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