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The Introduction of Latest Firmware AVC2K-V2.1.0.1

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 11:59 am
by DDM_Jim
The Introduction of Latest Firmware AVC2K-V2.1.0.1

New Functions
1.Added RTSP multicast streaming and Transport Steam streaming function. Multicast streaming reduces the bandwidth occupancy and greatly improves the performance of the device transmitting streaming media.
2. Optimizes the effect of analog audio input, making the sound more clearer.
3. Adds the MIC Boost mode to optimize the effect of microphone sound.
4. Adds the Reboot, Restore, and Reset buttons to the Web control interface to facilitate your device control.
5.DNS parameters have been added to the network options. You can choose to fill in DNS for specifying the domain name server address during live streaming.
6.Optimized the program, improved the performance of audio and video transmission, the maximum video bit rate has been increased to 16M, providing a better audio visual experience.
7. Added the current video input status display function, you can view the resolution and frame rate information of the current input video signal in real time on the web control interface.

How to update the latest firmware?
1.Download the new version of the firmware AVC2K-V2.1.0.1.dat and save it to yourcomputer. Then enter to the control page of the AVC-2K on your computer. In System interface, click “Choose File” to select the firmware upgrade package, and click “Upgrade” to upgrade,shown as in Figure 1.
Figure 1
2.The interface will show the upgrade progress, shown as in Figure 2.
Figure 2
3.After the upgrade is completed, restart the device according to the prompts, Then enter the webpage again to ensure the version information as V2.1.0.1, which means that the latest firmware has been upgraded successful, shown as in Figure 3.
Figure 3
The above is the Introduction of Latest Firmware AVC2K-V2.1.0.1, I will introduce the use of RTSP multicast streaming and Transport Steam streaming in another TOPIC.
Thanks. :D