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HEV-2KW Wireless Encoder Latest Firmware (HEV2KW-V1.1.0.12)

Please find the latest firmware of DDMALL products.
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HEV-2KW Wireless Encoder Latest Firmware (HEV2KW-V1.1.0.12)

Post by DDmallforum » Sun Jan 19, 2020 9:12 am

Latest Firmware

Dear all,

We would like to let you know that the firmware for the HEV-2KW has been updated to Version You can choose to download the ZIP file or RAR files for the update.

Zip File

RAR File

Installation Instructions
Please download and follow the above step-by-step instructions to upgrade your encoder to V1.1.0.12.

Change History

* Changes made from version to version
1.Improve compatibility for more streaming platforms
2.Made improvements for YouTube live streaming experience

* Changes made from version to version
1. Compatible with Blue Iris and Orchid VMS
2. RTSP port customization is available
3. TTL value is adjustable
4. Manual bitrate and bitrate control setting is available
6. Compression profile is selectable
7. Key Frame Interval (GOP) is configurable

You can download the V1.1.0.8 here (ZIP file or RAR file):

* Changes made from version to version
1.Improved streaming experience with Gopro Hero 5

* Changes made from version to version
1. Added RTSP multicast streaming and Transport Steam streaming function.
2. Enabled one-click to enable the live streaming function. Once the initial setting was completed , users can start or stop the live streaming by pressing the multi-function button without having to enter the webpage each time.
3. Optimized the effect of analog audio input, and makes the sound more clearer.
4. Added the current video input status display function, you can view the resolution and frame rate information of the current input video signal in real time on the web control interface.
5. DNS parameters have been added to the network options. You can choose to fill in DNS for specifying the domain name server address during live streaming.
6. Added the Reboot, Restore, and Reset buttons to the Web control interface to facilitate your device control.
7. Modified the meaning of some status of LED indicator. In HEV2KW-V1.1.0.6 version: (1) red light is always on: the device is powered on; (2) green light is always on: the device is successfully connected to the router; (3) the yellow light is blinking slowly: The device is in AP mode; (4) green light flashes slowly: the device is trying to push RTMP stream; (5) green light flashes quickly: the device is pushing RTMP stream; (6) red light and green light flashes quickly alternately: the device reboot or restores factory settings.

* Changes made from version to version
1. Improved the stability when connected to mobile hotspot
2. Various other fixed and improvements

* Changes made from version to version
1. Improved pairing experience when connect the encoder to hotspot or Wi-Fi
2. Various other fixed and improvements


* When upgrade from V1.1.0.3 to V1.1.0.8(or below version), you may need to follow the steps below to update your encoder.

Step 1: Download the RAR file or the Zip file and extract the content to the same folder. After doing that, you will find a dat file in the folder.
Step 2: Login to your AVC-2K web user interface and click the System button.
Step 3: Upload the .dat file and then click the Upgrade button.
Step 4: Reboot your encoder to finish installing updates. (Simply turn off and on the power of the encoder)

* When upgrade from V1.1.0.8(or below version) to V1.1.0.12(or above version), please refer to the attached Installation Instructions to upgrade your encoder.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be in touch with you right away.

Happy streaming! :D

Best regards,
DDMALL Support Team
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