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If you have any questions about HEV-2KW, please leave a post here and we will try our best to solve it. Also you can share your solutions and ideas with other users here.
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Post by DDM_Jim » Tue Dec 22, 2020 8:33 am

1.How to connect HEV-2KW to mobile hotspot ?
You can check the method of connecting HEV-2KW to mobile hotspot through this video.

2.How to connect HEV-2KW to router ?
You can check the method of connecting HEV-2KW to the router through this link. viewtopic.php?f=50&t=3544;

3.RTMP live broadcast cannot be connected If you are not connected to RTMP during RTMP live broadcast, as shown in the figure below, it may be due to the following reasons.
3.1Your Server URL and Stream Key are not filled in correctly, or have expired, you need to go to the live broadcast platform to obtain the correct Server URL and Stream Key again.
3.2Your encoder network parameters are not set correctly, and the encoder is not connected to the Internet.
3.2.1 First of all, please make sure that your router is connected to the Internet, your HEV-2KW encoder is connected to the router, and its indicator light will turn green after the connection is successful. For the specific setting method, please refer to step 2.
3.2.2 After confirming that your encoder has been connected to the router, please ensure that the network parameter settings are correct, otherwise the encoder cannot access the Internet. The IP address of the encoder is set to the same network segment as the router, the Subnet Mask is set to be consistent with the router, the Gateway is set to be consistent with the router, and the DNS is set to be consistent with the router.
3.2.3 Or you can also set the IP mode of the encoder to Dynanmic (DHCP), and then the router will assign the correct network parameters for you. But you need to enter the router management interface to find the IP assigned to the encoder.
3.2.4 After you have correctly set the network parameters of the encoder, you can connect to the RTMP live broadcast again.
4.After the RTMP live broadcast connection is successful, there is no content on the live broadcast platform screen.
4.1Your encoder does not capture the content of the video source device.
4.1.1 You need to check Input static in the video setting of the encoder. If it shows that there is no signal, it means that the encoder has not collected the HDMI video signal source. Please check whether your line connection is loose and the video source device has turned on the HDMI output .
4.1.2 After you correctly connect the video source device and the encoder, the encoder collects the HDMI video source, and the input status will display the resolution of the HDMI video source and other information. Note that the highest input resolution supported by HEV-2KW is 1920*1080@60Hz, please do not set the resolution of the video source beyond this resolution.
4.1.3 You can also use VLC software to play the video of the encoder to ensure that the video captured by the encoder is OK.
In the Misc Stream interface of the encoder, in RTSP mode, copy URL1.
Then open VLC, click "Media"-"Open Network Stream".
In the pop-up window, paste URL1 into it, and then click play.
Then you can see that VLC is playing the encoder's video, which proves that the encoder's video is normal, and then you can go to RTMP live broadcast, and the live platform will receive the encoder's video screen.
4.2You may be connected to the live broadcast successfully but there is no picture because the encoding type is set to H265 Currently, most RTMP live broadcast platforms do not support RTMP live broadcast in H265 format, so it is recommended to use H264 for RTMP live broadcast.
5.RTMP live broadcast is unstable
5.1The HEV-2KW is connected to the router wirelessly. Please ensure that the distance between the HEV-2KW and the router is not too far to ensure that the signal strength is good enough.
5.2 Please set an appropriate video bit rate according to your broadband network quality.
5.3 The Key Frame Interval (GOP) of the encoder needs to be set to 2 times the frame rate (FPS). For example, when the frame rate (FPS) is set to 30, the Key Frame Interval (GOP) needs to be set to 60.
5.4 Generally, there are many WIFI signals in the environment. The 2.4G band WIFI signal will be more than the 5G band signal. The 2.4G band WIFI signal is also more likely to interfere with each other. Therefore, we recommend connecting the HEV-2KW to the 5G band signal router, which will improve your experience.

6. RTMP push stream to twicth connection is unsuccessful
6.1 First, obtain the "Primary Stream key" in the Twicth live broadcast setting interface, and then copy it.
6.2 In the RTMP settings of the encoder, use rtmp:// to fill in the server URL, and use the "mainstream key" just provided by Twitch to fill in the Stream key. Check Athentication, enter the account password DDMALL, after saving, click the "Start" button to push the stream, and wait for it to connect successfully.
6.3 Return to Twitch, click "Stream Manager" on the left, you can see that the video of the encoder has been pushed, and you can edit the channel information and start the live broadcast.
7. If you encounter the prompt "Possible duplicate connection." when you use the encoder to broadcast live to facebook, please don't worry, this is not a serious problem. Let us explain the reasons for this problem.
During the live broadcast of the encoder, if the TCP connection with facebook is disconnected, the encoder will link with facebook again, but the last connection has not been "completely" disconnected (or Facebook thinks that the last connection has not been disconnected ). At this time, the action of the encoder connecting again will be misjudged by Facebook, thinking that there are two encoders connected at the same time. This prompt may appear in two situations:

7.1. The connection between the encoder and facebook is accidentally disconnected and then reconnected. For example, the encoder is unexpectedly powered off and restarted, the network cable is accidentally disconnected and connected, and the WIFI is accidentally disconnected and connected.

7.2. The user manually operates the encoder, such as modifying the encoder parameters.
For the second case, after manually modifying the parameters, the encoder will actively disconnect from facebook and then reconnect. If the interval between these two actions is too short, a "duplicate connection" prompt will appear. (Because facebook has not received the disconnect request and completed the disconnect operation, the second connection request came over).
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