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Quick start guide for wireless HDMI encoder

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Quick start guide for wireless HDMI encoder

Post by lupl » Tue May 19, 2020 4:02 am

Dear Customer,Thank you for purchasing the wireless HDMI encoder,please read these quick start guide before operation.

1.System connection

A. Connect the encoder's HDMI input to your HDMI source.
B. Power on the encoder. The encoder can be directly powered from most HDMI source,While for some devices with low-power HDMI port, please use the included USB cable to power on the encoder.
C. The red light is on to indicate that the encoder is powered on normally.

2.Network setting

The wireless HDMI encoder has two working modes, which are AP (Access Point) mode and STA (Station) mode.For the first use, you need to use a mobile device to connect and access the encoder in AP mode for Network setting.

A. The encoder factory default working mode is AP mode ( yellow light blinking), if not, hold the set button for 3 seconds until it turns yellow light blinks.
B. Open your wireless networking utility on your PC or mobile device to search SSID called "HEV-2KW" and access to it by the password "12345678".
C. When a laptop or mobile device is connected to the HEV-2KW. Then Open a web browser and enter (the IP address of AP mode).
D. Login to the configuration interface with the default user name and password as “admin”.
E. Go to the Network Configuration interface to add the router SSID that you will be using , and then enter the password. Set the IP address of the STA mode , and click "Save".
F. Hold the set button for about 3s until the status of LED changes to switch the WIFI mode as STA. LED indicator usually turns red first and then turns green when STA is successfully connected to the network. Do not keep pressing the button because the wireless HDMI encoder will be restored to factory settings after pressing for more than 10 seconds.
G. Connect your PC or mobile device to the same WiFi router as the encoder, and the IP address is in the same network segment as the encoder. (You can run CMD, ping the IP address of STA mode on PC. If the connection is successful, the network communication between the PC and the encoder is normal).

Network Settings description link: viewforum.php?f=50;
User manual link: viewforum.php?f=40

Tips: If the IP address of the STA mode is set to dynamic DHCP, you need to check what IP address the router assigned to the encoder.
A. Let the encoder switch back to AP mode, use a mobile device to access the encoder's webpage, and check what IP the encoder is assigned to in Network.
B. Use the device to access the management interface of the router, find the encoder in the client list of the management interface, and see what IP address the encoder is assigned to.
How to find the router's IP address assignment:

3.Configuration setting

A. Re-login to the the configuration interface via the IP address of STA mode that you have set in step2 Network setting.
B. Set the configuration of wireless HDMI encoder.
Read the user manual for configuration instructions:

4.Video Streaming

The wireless HDMI encoder supports RTMP/RTMPS for stream to most online video platforms , supports RTSP/UDP protocol multicast and unicast to used for local streaming to computers and decoders.
Streaming setting description link:viewforum.php?f=47

1.The wireless HDMI encoder pushes the video stream in STA working mode.
2 .Local streaming:make sure the encoder, your PC or mobile device , and decoders are on the same LAN and the IP address is on the same network segment.
3 .Live streaming: make sure the WiFi router connected by the encoder can surf the Internet normally.

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