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Add a discussion topic or ask a question about HE-20, HE-20IR here from your fellow HDMI extender users.
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Post by DDM_Jim » Thu Dec 24, 2020 11:39 am

1.After the HE-20 completes all connections, there is no image display on the display device, how to solve it?
1.1 Please make sure that the device is connected as shown in the figure below.
1.2 Please check the indicator lights of the HE-20. Several problematic indicators and the corresponding solutions are listed below.
1.3 Notes on the network cable
Generally, there are two kinds of wire sequence of the crystal plug of the network cable: T-568A and T-568B:
T-568A line sequence: 1-green-white, 2-green, 3-orange white, 4-blue, 5-blue-white, 6-orange, 7-brown-white, 8-brown.
T-568B line sequence: 1-orange white, 2-orange, 3-green-white, 4-blue, 5-blue-white, 6-green, 7-brown-white, 8-brown.

Straight line: also called positive line or standard line, both ends use the same line sequence standard, for example, both ends use T-568A at the same time, or both ends use T-568B at the same time.
Crossover line: also called reverse line, the line sequence is arranged according to the standard of 568A at one end and 568B at the other end, and clamped by RJ45 crystal head.
Please note that HE-20 supports straight line, not crossover line.
2.After the HE-20 completes all connections, the display device displays the image, but the image is unstable. How to solve it?
1.1Supply power to both TX and RX to ensure stable power supply for the equipment. 2.2 Check whether the TX, RX and network cables are connected and stable.
2.3 It is recommended to use cat6/cat7 network cable, the longest distance should not exceed 100 meters.
2.4 HE-20 has relatively high requirements for the quality of the network cable. Please check the condition of the crystal plug of the network cable. If the crystal plug is old, please re-press the plug. If you connect to the network cable in the wall through the network cable socket, please check whether the network cable and the network cable socket are inserted tightly.
2.5 Please check whether the connection between TX and the video source device is stable, and check whether the connection between RX and the monitor/TV is stable.

3. After the HE-20 completes all connections, the display device outputs images but no sound. How to solve?
3.1 HE-20 only supports PCM audio format. It is possible that the video source device has set other audio formats such as dts or Dolby. Please modify it to PCM format.
3.2 If the video source device is a computer, the audio playback device may not be switched. You can try to modify the computer's audio settings and select HE-20 as the current sound output device.
3.3 The display device you are using may not have a speaker, you need to connect an external speaker to the display device, or it may be that the display device does not support digital audio. Please replace the display device that supports digital audio.
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