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Summary of common use questions of HE-15

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 7:20 am
by DDM_Jim
In this topic, we will list some questions you may encounter when using HE-15. If you encounter similar questions when using HE-15, you can refer and solve them quickly.

Question one:When using HE-15 for video transmission,the display device cannot receive signals.The TX of the HE-15 is connected to the video source and the RX is connected to the receiver.The TX and RX are connected using a 100-foot network cable,both sides are using USB power.Green light is always on, yellow light is blinking.

Answer:This can be caused by two reasons.
1.The source is HDCP vedio source, but the monitor does not support HDCP. At this point, the display will be blank, but the signal light on the display will light (indicating that a signal has been detected).
2.There is a problem with transmission link.

Suggestions for solving the problem
1.Check the status of the monitor. Whether the monitor has detected an input signal. If the monitor has detected an input signal but the screen is blank, we recommend replacing the HDCP-capable monitor.
2.Check the wiring sequence and crimping status of the network cable connected to the TX and Rx,network cable crimping should use T586A or T586B at the same time.
3.You can try to power only the TX side and see if it resolves.