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How to add the video stream of ED-2K to NVR or VMS?

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How to add the video stream of ED-2K to NVR or VMS?

Post by DDM_Jim » Tue Jan 07, 2020 1:19 pm

How to add the video stream of ED-2K to NVR or VMS?

We can add the video stream of ED-2K video stream to NVR or VMS. The setting method is as follows

For example, I will add the video stream of ED-2K to the NVR.
1. Make sure that the IP address segment of the ED-2K is the same as the IP segment of the NVR. The NVR segment is 192.168.254.XXX, so I will change the IP segment of the ED-2K to 192.168.254.XXX, such as Figure 1.
Figure 1
2. Set the push protocol of ED-2K to RTSP and do not enable multicast, as shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2
3. Enter the NVR operation interface and find the IP channel management option. As shown in Figure 3, the NVR has added 12 camera signals. We need to add the ED-2K to it, and click Custom Add.
Figure 3
4. When we enter the custom add channel, click Protocol Management.
Figure 4
5. In the protocol management interface, select "Custom Protocol 1" for the custom protocol, and fill in the name of the protocol at will. I write "3516" here, select RTSP for the protocol type, close the substream, and select "RTP Over RTSP" for the transmission protocol. port 8554, Resource path" / live0 ", and then click "confirm", as shown in Figure 5.
Figure 5
6. Then return to the custom add channel interface, fill in the IP address of the ED-2K "" for the IP channel address, select the "3516" protocol just created, the port number is 8554, the transmission protocol is automatic, Username and password are ED-2K web login username and password, and finally click "Add", as shown in Figure 6.
Figure 6
7. Back to the IP channel management option, we can see the 13th signal. The video stream of ED-2K has been added successfully. We will see the video of ED-2K when we go to the preview window of the NVR.
Figure 7
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