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Top Reasons for Using HDMI Extender

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Top Reasons for Using HDMI Extender

Post by DDmallforum » Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:42 am

An HDMI extender is also known as an HDMI equalizer or HDMI booster and can boost an HDMI signal. Sometimes when running a long HDMI cable, the device powering the signal is not strong enough to supply the monitor a proper signal, which could result in signal degradation and the loss of picture. To overcome the transmission problems caused by long cables, an external extender is used. They are the best remedy to get best picture and outputs without any dropouts.

Why should we use a long range HDMI extender?

The home entertainment market has expanded in recent years and the shift has been primarily from analog to digital. Many HD devices use HDMI cables to connect to digital displays. However, there are many drawbacks when using HDMI cables. Here are reasons that show HDMI Extender over Ethernet is the right solution for connecting HD devices.

Ideal for Long Distance

Once rooted in family rooms or living room, the television has moved into our kitchen, bedroom, and even the bathroom. This scenario demands a cable network that runs the network cable that runs around the house and can reach TVs installed in different rooms.
HDMI cables are not recommended to stream signals over long distances due to degradation of signal. According to experts, HDMI cables have a reliable limit of 50 meters. Also, it is hard to find HDMI cables measuring 50 feet or more. Unlike HDMI cables, HDMI Extender will allow you to send high quality 1080p resolution video long distances over Cat5e or Cat6 network cables.

Easy to Terminate

It is difficult to terminate HDMI cables and make new connections. The HDMI cables have around nineteen pins and it is difficult to fix HDMI connectors in the right manner. On the other hand, Cat5 and Cat6 are inexpensive and easy to terminate. The tools required to fix RJ45 connectors on the terminated end of Cat cables is easy as crimping tools are easily available.

Pre-installed Cat5 Network

Many homes come with Cat cables integrated and all you need is an HDMI Extender over Cat5 to use that available wired network in homes. With HDMI extender installed, you can easily route the HDMI signals to any HDTV in any room in the house and the HDMI source can be also placed far away from the TV.

The above-mentioned factors help to reduce device clutter in your home and you can place all HDMI sources at one place without worrying about HDMI cable limitations.

Here we will introduce a high quality HDMI extender HE-20 for you. The DDMALL HE-20 allows HD video transmission via HDMI up to 262 feet. Plug and play, no other adapter is required. It is a great solution for conference, home entertainment, multi-media educational applications and works with any HDMI video source. The features of HE-20 show as follows.

Support for FULL HD 1080p Resolution up to 262 feet

Besides transmitting the AV signal over Cat cable, the HE-20 also transmit HDMI signals up to 262 feet (80m) at 1080p resolution.

Plug and Play Installation

With no drivers or software to install, the HDMI over Cat5e/6 Extender provides total plug and play convenience. Simply connect the transmitter to the video source, the receiver to the display and extend with a single category cable for high quality video and audio.

HDCP Compliant

HDMI Extenders also support HDCP which ensures the encoded content is safely carried over Cat cable and you do not miss any HDCP protected content due to compliance issues.


Rather than using a proprietary AC power adapter, which can get lost in a move and which requires an open AC power socket, it uses a basic USB connection for its power. This allows you to use a standard USB wall charger, a USB charger integrated into a power strip, or an open USB port on your HDMI source device or display, such as laptop, smart TV, etc.

For more information about HE-20, please visit:

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