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How to use RTSP Multicast in the latest firmware ED2K-V2.1.0.4?

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How to use RTSP Multicast in the latest firmware ED2K-V2.1.0.4?

Post by DDM_Jim » Mon Dec 23, 2019 12:42 pm

How to use RTSP Multicast in the latest firmware ED2K-V2.1.0.4?

1.RTSP multicast allows ED-2K to push streams in a multicast manner. Compare with unicast, the difference is that when there are multiple clients that need to receive streaming media, unicast mode needs to process and push multiple video streams. But multicast mode can copy and push a video stream to multiple clients, which improves the performance of the ED-2K push video stream and greatly reduces the network bandwidth occupancy.

2.How to configure: Enter the ED-2K web control interface, check RTSP in Misc Steam, and select “Multicast” as Enabled, then enter the Multicast IP address (range ~ or use the default value (, fill in the Multicast Port (range 2000-65531) or use the default value (8540), and click "Apply" after filling in,shown as in Figure 1.
Figure 1

3.How to use: After the setting is successful, the ED-2K will push the stream in the form of multicast. The client opens the stream in the same way as the unicast mode. It can be opened by URL1 or URL2. For example: If the IP address of the ED-2K is and the Multicast IP address is set to, then you would use URL rtsp: // 8554 / live0 or rtsp: // 554 / live0 to open the video stream.

4.1 In the latest firmware ED2K-V2.1.0.4,the maximum video bit rate has been increased to 16M,shown as in Figure 2.
Figure 2

4.2 When you use RTSP protocol but do not enable Multicast for streaming, you could push 8 video streams to up to 8 clients, but the total bit rate does not exceed 16M. For example, you can push a 16M video stream to one client, or eight 2M video streams to 8 clients.
4.3 When you use RTSP Multicast mode to push stream, you can push video streams to up to 200 clients, each video stream supports a maximum of 16M bit rate, the total bit rate is unlimited

The above is an introduction on how to use the RTSP Multicast. The RTSP Multicast has better performance. We recommend that you use this mode.
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How to use RTSP Multicast in the latest firmware ED2K V2 1 0 4

Post by Lindatuh » Sun Aug 09, 2020 2:05 pm

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